Roll Up

Rollup tonneau covers are definitely amongst the most popular types of truck bed covers around. They were originally introduced in areas where weather was a key factor. Specifically, rollup covers fare very well in rainy and snowy conditions. They aren’t overpriced, so together with their ease of use and affordability, the rollup cover fast became one of the more popular choices for truck owners, especially in the North East part of the USA. Rolling tonneau covers were always available in a soft version, made from vinyl and reinforced with aluminum bars are are spaced about a foot apart from each other. They install easily and make use of velcro down the sides for easy opening and closing. They roll up relatively effortlessly and while they don’t lock with keys, locking the tailgate of your truck will secure them pretty well. Soft rollup truck bed covers are made by many manufacturers, but the segment is led by Access Covers (ACI) and Truxedo. The Rollup cover also takes very little space in the back of the truck and offers full visibility out the rear window, making it perfect for use when hauling trailers or towing boats and 5th wheels.


In 2013 BAK Industries developed the first hard rollup tonneau covers. These were made from an all aluminum substrate with a clean vinyl overlay for durability and good looks., Hard rollup tonneau covers included automatic locking side rails and an automatic latching system to secure the cover when closed. They too rely on locking the tailgate for full security, but don’t be fooled, they are incredibly strong and secure. The hard roll up tonneau category continues to grow each year and continues to be a more popular choice all over the USA and Canada. Another fantastic feature for all rolling tonneau covers is their sleek and low profile appearance. They’re the kinds of covers that are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Unlike the massive predecessors, the rollup is light, strong, easy to use, easy to ship and actually requires no drilling at all to install. For more info on brands of rollup covers, call our experts at (855) 966-6662. We’re standing by to assist you in making the best choice for your truck and your lifestyle.