Retractable Tonneau Covers

Retractable tonneau covers are a favorite amongst people who love the great looks, durability, ease of use and advanced engineering that this unique category of tonneau covers offers. They range dramatically in price, but generally, when it comes to the retractable tonneau you get what you pay for. Retractable truck bed covers generally slide on a set of rails (that are clamped to the side of your truck bed rails), into a canister that is installed right behind the bulkhead of your truck bed. They are very easy to operate, most often simple releasing a latch at the tailgate end that automatically allows the retractable to recoil into the canister without any effort at all. Most are spring loaded, like the heavy duty Truck Covers USA, Roll n Lock or the BAK Vortrak, while others like the Retrax roll on a series of ball bearings. There are also electric options that will open or close the cover automatically with a push of a button on a remote. Retractable tonneau covers are more of a challenge to install, but with the help of videos and great instructions, most are well enough engineered to get the covers on your truck with not too much of a headache. They’re also more expensive than most other covers, but when you consider how most of them are actually made, they’re not too bad. Retractables are nthe best in freezing conditions, and since they do take up some space at the front end of the bed, they aren’t advisable to all people. But the experts at are always here to steer you right. We know when to roll and when to fold, so call us directly at (855) 966-6662 and we’ll help you make an educated decision.