Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Tonneau Covers

In a sea of tonneau cover choices, Heavy Duty Tonneau Covers stand in stark contrast to most. While various types of entry level soft vinyl covers serve the purpose of simply keeping your valuables away from the elements, and even hard covers provide some security benefits, Heavy Duty Tonneau Covers serve to provide a totally different set of values. Heavy duty tonneaus generally offer impenetrable security. In most instances they also have the ability to withstand large payloads on top of them. They are therefore favored by folks who like contractors who are securing expensive tools in their trucks, or people who use the top of the cover as a double deck. Heavy duty covers are often diamond plated and come equipped with tie downs on their edges, specifically meant to secure payloads or things like quad bikes to their upper decks. They come in bifold, tilting and toolbox styles and are generally quite expensive. There’s a tradeoff between using all your bed space and getting a heavy duty truck bed cover. HD covers are large. Just like their name suggests, they’re heavy. They’re also not cheap, but they do offer heavy duty security, heavy duty functionality and the ability to use your truck in ways that you can’t with light duty tonneau offerings, e.g., being able to stand on them, use them as work surfaces or secure payloads under the cover while using the top surface to double stack items.