Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

The Hard Folding Tonneau Cover, specifically ones that give you 100% access to your truck bed, like the BakFlip, were actually invented and pioneered by some of our very own team members.. We are extremely proud of this. Our team members actually held the original patents to full access hard folding tonneau covers. We therefore have a unique and intimate understanding of these truck bed covers enabling us to really assist you in making the best decision for you and your lifestyle.

The hard folding tonneau covers are without question the most popular covers for truck owners all over the world. They come in many variations from bi-fold to tri-fold to even quad-fold versions and give users an enormous array of value. Deciding on what’s best when it comes to the hard folding cover can be made easy by chatting with one of our experts. They are best suited for men and women because of their ease of use, accessibility from either side of the truck and security to weight ratios. They are very low profile, incredibly durable, outstanding in all weather conditions and install without drilling as well. Hard folding tonneau covers offer the best of all worlds. Whether it’s looks, functionality, security or even improved gas mileage, the hard folding truck bed cover really leads the way in all areas. They’re not as inexpensive as the softer alternatives on the emarket, but then again they’re also not as expensive as some other heavy duty tonneaus either. At we look at the hard folding tonneau cover as a “Goldy Locks” type of product. Not too cheap, not too expensive but just right for most consumers who are looking for a cover that isn’t a toy and that really compliments the truck you drive without breaking the bank.

  1. BAKFlip CS F1 w Rack Tonneau Cover
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