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Hinge Tonneau Covers

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Retractable Tonneau Covers

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Toolbox Tonneau Covers

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Soft Tonneau Covers

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Hard Tonneau Covers

Q: Why consider a hard tonneau cover?

There are tons of reasons to consider buying a hard tonneau cover. Granted, they are more costly than soft tonneau covers, but the advantages are plentiful and should be closely considered. Security, style, keeping out weather and overal reliability are key and will always outperform a soft cover. In essence you get what you pay for.


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Folding Tonneau Covers

Q: How much weight can I put on top of my folding tonneau cover?

Soft or vinyl folding tonneau covers are supported underneath with pretty robust aluminum cross members. The vinyl itself is also framed with aluminum, so in essence the structural integrity of a soft folding tonneau cover is actually governed by aluminum frames and corss members, which makes it a pretty strong unit. As such, it can handle loads of snow without a problem. Although soft folding tonneau covers are great in being able to handle the elements, we don't recommend standing on them and they are not designed to support excessive weights. Hard folding tonneau covers on the other hand are incredibly strong. They can handle hundreds of lbs. of weight on top of them. Most are made with aluminum sandwich panels which although lightweight are unbelievably strong. Folding their panels over results in doubling their strength, so if you're a big burly guy that needs to get up on top of your tonneau cover, a hard folding tonneau cover doubled over on top of itself will give you more than enough rigidity to do so. Best of all, when you fold the panels over, you're never standing on the visible surface of the cover, so damage isn't ever a factor. We've even seen ATV's and quad bikes loaded on top of folding tonneau covers.

Q: How much does a hard folding tonneau cover weigh?

Hard folding tonneau covers are typically very easy to use because they don't weigh very much. Unlike one piece tilting tonneau covers, a folding tonneau operates in increments, so you only need to lift one panel at a time. This means that even when it comes to the solid hard folding tonneau covers like the BakFlip or the Extang SOlid Fold, it is ligtweight and easy enough for even a child to operate. WHen you consider the difficulty one used to have in opening and closing a huge fiberglass cover when security was of top concern, it's refreshing to know that folding tonneau covers have soved this issue. Hard folding tonneau covers weigh between 45 and 65 lbs, depending on the length of the truck and the manufacturer brand.

Q: Can I remove my folding tonneau cover quickly?

Yes, most brands of folding tonneau covers remove in just seconds. all soft folding tonneau covers can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds. They simply lay out on the rails of the truck and quick action mechanisms located under the cover can be employed to fasten or remove the tonneau cover to the inside rail lip of your truck bed. Folding tonneau covers like the BakFlip attach automatically to a rail system that's first clamped to the inside of your truck bed. When the tonneau cover closes, the panels automatically engage the rails and lock down firmly. Quick release cables enable the panels to be folded out of the way when pulled, so you never even need to remove this type of tonneau cover. However, if you ever decide to remove it completely, two easily accessible thumb knobs twist underneath the tonneau cover and that's all it takes to remove the entire cover.

Q: Can I drive with folding tonneau covers in the open position?

It depends on what kind of folding tonneau cover you have. If you have a soft folding tonneau cover or a vynil style folding cover, then you can drive with it folded up. Most vinyl folding tonneau covers have webbing straps and clips incorporated into them so that when the covers are folded up, you're able to clip them down towards the front of your bed. Usually you get about 60% access to your bed, which allows for hauling things that are tall, but not the full size of the bed. The only folding tonneau cover that will give you complete access to the bed is the range of BakFlip hard folding tonneau covers. These tonneau's fold up to 4 times and can be locked in position in any increment, even fully open. If you're looking to maximize the value of your bed and still cover it with a hard tonneau cover, then the BakFlip is a great choice. The Extang Solid FOld is another hard folding tonneau cover that will give you real solid security, and easy folding capability, but can only be folded twice and will always occupy at least 33% of your payload. The good news is that this folding tonneau removes very easily and quickly, so taking it off and placing it in the bed is always an option.

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