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Choose your Tonneau Cover was created for the sole purposes of assisting tonneau cover consumers make the right decision when buying a tonneau cover. A tonneau cover is not as simple as buying a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans. A tonneau cover is a major part of your truck. It has a considerable affect on the way you'll use your truck, how it looks, its overall value and your ability to secure your valuables. With the multitude of tonneau cover choices in todays market, and with the internet being a place where you don't quite know who you're buying from or what exactly you'll get when it arrives, we felt a strong need to make a difference. has spent years forging relationships with the most comprehensive list of TonneauCover installers and TonneauCover professionals throughout the USA. We have aligned ourselves with dealers in almost every zip code and postal code in the US to allow consumers the ability to research their tonneau cover options online and then, once a decision has been made in terms of the direction they'd like to pursue, contact their local Authorized Tonneau Cover Specialist where they can get a great deal and proper guidance. has tremendous value. when it comes to demonstrating tonneau covers where consumers can actually touch, operate and feel the quality, to being able to speak to a real person in your immediate vacinity, to getting a professional installation, to never having to wait for a tonneau cover to arrive damaged on UPS, is dedicated to absolute and complete satisfaction. We have thousands of dealers to support you before, during and after the sale of your cover and best of all, we're right in your neck of the woods!

It's okay to buy a tonneau cover online, however there are many folks out there that prefer a real experience. For people who'd rather get an install than install themselves, for people that don't want to deal with freight damaged goods, for the folks out there that would prefer to never wait weeks for an online purchase to arrive and for all those out there that understand what it means to support their local dealers, was established for you.

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